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Don’t miss any of the action at WOOFstock this year!

Check out the event schedule and contests for the day!

Off Leash Area

Let your dog run OFF THE LEASH in The Black Dog’s Life Off The Leash area! Boasting over 15,000 square feet of green grass to play in, this year’s OFF the LEASH area will be a great time for your pup! Life off the Leash presented by The Black Dog.







Social Lounge

Come over to the bark side and hang in The Urban Hound lounge, the perfect spot to grab a seat enjoy a drink,and listen to some music! Let your dog take a dip in the kiddie pool while you relax. Chat with us, we’ll tell you why we’re the best thing to happen to your dog, since moving in with you!





Canines in the Clouds!
After years of competing nationally at the highest level and performing in 6 countries world-wide as part of the biggest dog shows on the planet, Jonathan Offi created the show Canines in the Clouds – The ultimate sport, stunt and trick dog show.




 Agility Course

Let the fur fly as your dog races around, through, and over an obstacle course with you as the navigator! Dog trainers from High Fidelity Dogs will help you guide your dog around their beginner’s obstacle course! Free for all dogs to give it a try!






Lure Coursing!

How many times have you seen your dog bolting outside, running as fast as he can after a squirrel? He’s going after his “prey” of course, and he’s doing exactly what dogs are supposed to do! Why not give your dog the opportunity to satisfy it’s inner instincts? Give Lure Coursing a try at WOOFstock and see if your dog’s got what it takes to track and catch the lure! Dogs chase a mechanized white plastic lure within a 2800 sq. ft. area. The lure weaves and changes position, simulating the unpredictability of chasing live prey! Lure Course tickets are $10, and proceeds benefit Last Hope K9 Rescue. Get your tickets at any drink ticket tent!




The Need for Speed!

Ever wondered how fast your dog can run? WOOFstock gives you the opportunity to find out! Bring your dog to the NEED for SPEED area. Our staff will hold onto your dog as you run to the other end of the dog run. As your dog runs to you when called, we’ll clock its speed! The Need for Speed is FREE for all dogs big and small!




Visit Last Hope’s Adoptable Puppies area! Want to adopt and take home? Be sure to apply through Last Hope’s site before the event! There will be over two dozen puppies to choose from, plus mature dogs as well!


Music by Great Bands!


Please Enjoy WOOFstock Responsibly.